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HUMP CLUB Your Wednesday Music Roundup With Maya Eslami

11.01.18 – TAGS: , ,
Photo: Silva Grav

Cass McCombs Announces New Album

Cass McCombs, the illustrious songwriter that he is, has announced the release of his ninth full-length studio album, “Tip of the Sphere,” dropping February 8th on ANTI- Records. The album was recorded entirely at Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn, something new to Cass, who usually records his albums like piecemeal, in spurts and separate sessions spread out over various studios and zones. Listen to lead single and our first taste “Sleeping Volcanoes,” a song Cass says is about “people passing each other on the sidewalk unaware of the emotional volatility they are brushing past, like a sleeping volcano that could erupt at any moment.”

Listen to Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones is obsessed with Bob Dylan. He’s also the guitarist for Easy (his band with Josh Landau and Don Nguyen) and an incredible Deejay. But let’s get back to his thing with Dylan. Jordan knows everything there is to know about the great songwriter, so it’s no surprise that when he ventured out to do his own solo project, under his own name, he’d be channeling a more melodic, classic rock ‘n’ roll structure. Something that goes down easy and keeps you warm, like smooth bourbon on a cold night. Watch his new video for “Oh My Heavenz,” and keep your eye on this hidden talent. Hopefully he’ll have an entire album of smooth bourbon songs for us soon.

Watch GYMSHORTS’ New Video for “Go Fish”

GYMSHORTS are a self-described stoner punk band from Rhode Island, and their blend of, well, stoner rock and garage and punk and all sounds we love and hold dear brings me pure joy. Watch their new video for “Go Fish,” a banger of a track, coming straight off their new album “Knock, Knock,” that dropped August 28th on Wallflower/Burger Records. GYMSHORTS are currently on the road with Death Valley Girls, so if you see them out in the wild, say hi for us.

Listen to Vagina Lips

Vagina Lips – real band name – is the project of Jimmy Polioudis, “a strange adult boy who lives in Thessaloniki.” That’s the part of Greece that looks like an actual postcard, if you were wondering. Which you’d think would make his music seem poppy, or ethereal, an acoustic guitar languished over lovely wind arrangements. But Vagina Lips is raw, pulsating, dark and stormy, pulling inspiration from post punk and the edgier side of new wave. Listen to “This is A Good Life,” off his album “Generation Y,” dropping November 12th. I could listen to this track for days and not be tired of it. So listen up.

Listen to LA Witch’s New Single “Haunting”

And last, because it’s Halloween, LA Witch has a new EP coming out this Friday, and its timing is beyond perfect. The badass trio released their debut album last year, and now they’re searing our souls with “Octubre,” a five-song EP that delves deeper into their dark side. Engineered by Samuel Shea and produced by Gregg Foreman, the songs are essential LA Witch classics, songs they no longer perform live but nonetheless wanted the world to hear. These are bare bone recordings, with layers of moody reverb, giving the package an overall eerie, supernatural quality. Listen to lead single “Haunting,” a track that builds, echoes, and permeates until you’re completely under its spell.

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