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Watch Sababa A Tale of Two Skateboarders from Israel and Palestine

Sababa from Kadir on Vimeo.

12.31.18 – TAGS: ,
Film: Kadir Küçük

In the film featured below, Sababa, two skateboarders are featured from two very different cultures. This video was blindly sent to us but once we looked at it we felt like it was something that should be shared.

Among the physical dividers, well as the spiritual partitions that define these cultures, lies a simply wooden connection that unites. Skateboarding truly is for all. No matter where you are, or where you are rolling, skating creates a bond that sometimes can transcend even the most complicated cultural situations. The film features two guys who love skateboarding, just like you do, and these two are simply trying to enjoy something that many people take for granted every day. Freedom.

Hopefully, this film will inspire you, open your eyes, and maybe help you appreciate some of the little things we are lucky to enjoy on a daily basis.



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