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Flashbacks From Waco There and Back Again

01.02.19 – TAGS: ,
Photo: Tom Carey

There and back again. Around the New Year it’s hard not to reflect on life’s experiences, but now we face a new 12 months to once again find something different in our effort to entertain you. Creating something original from something that has been played to death ain’t easy in today’s world of throw-away media, so with that in mind our man behind the lens, Tom Carey, pitched something really truly unique to throw at the BRS pool. As you can see, the strobe effect brought some amazing detail to the images as dusk began to fade into night. The studio-like set up proved to be the perfect stage to set up some lighting, launch the drone, and let the boys get busy.

Ozzy was blazing into the night sky. Nate kept his punts proper. Finn had the crew guessing, and almost landed a backflip. Chippa was being Chippa. Mitch was man-handling each section with his trademark stomps, while the Geislemans went high as a kite.  All in all, Tom put together a banger of a trip, and there was enough adult beverages consumed to fill the damn pool.

The gallery below freezes these split-second moments and make us remember.

For more check out the video Waco, Texas:

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