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Salina Cruz Outtakes A Trip to Mainland Mex

Photos: Tom Carey

Into Salina Cruz. Sometimes we find ourselves traveling upon planes, trains, and automobiles, racing across borders, over datelines, and into new cultures. This was certain the case for Kai Hing, Dylan Graves, Shane Borland, Simon Hetrick, and Matt Tromberg who sought out some desolate lines in the deep south of mainland Mexico. We already shared some of the water action, but we all know some of the the best times on surf trips can happen out of the water.

Tom Carey was there with his trusty Canon to catch a couple of images of the local atmosphere in town. While the boardies were hung out to dry the boys found themselves seeking some adult-refreshment, as well as some local personality. It’s the spontaneous moments like these that become frozen in time when captured for your viewing pleasure. In the attention melting world we live in these days it’s times like these from which memories are truly made.


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