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adidas Skateboarding Debuts “Heitor”

adidas Skateboarding releases “Heitor,” the first full-length part from Heitor da Silva for the brand. Shot primarily in Los Angeles, Taiwan, Philadelphia, and Buenos Aires, the three-minute video features one of the team’s newest and most exciting additions skating a variety of spots both traditional and obscure. Originally hailing from Brazil, and now living between Copenhagen and Malmö, Heitor’s unique style and skill has captured the attention of many, including his newest sponsor, Palace Skateboards.
When asking fellow adidas and Palace teammate, Benny Fairfax, about Heitor, he states, “He’s a happy-go-lucky kid who can skate absolutely anything—vert, ledges, and everything in between! The school he went to in Malmö is built around a huge indoor skatepark. They actually get graded on skateboarding, so I’m pretty sure he got an A!”
Keep an eye out for more footage of Heitor and the rest of the adidas Skateboarding team coming out in the near future.
Filmed and edited by Chris Mulhern.

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