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Photo Credit: Rafael Gonzalez From Finland to Berlin

02.06.19 – TAGS:
Photos: Rafael Gonzalez

As is the norm around here, we receive a ton of unsolicited submissions every week. Some good, some not so much. Regardless, they are all submitted with hope and passion and we like that.

Occasionally we open an email and are stopped in our tracks by something noteworthy and it’s simply a no-brainer to get it up on the site ASAP.  Rafael Gonzalez recently emailed us with just that: some very creative photos he shot around the world.

Please enjoy Mr. Gonzalez’s photo gallery. 

Tom Paturzo with a Smith Grind in Helsinki, Finland. After that some friends and I took the ferry through the Baltic heading to Tallin (Estonia), good times!

Cruising the streets in Amsterdam with a bike is the best way to get around the city, my friend Florian Dalhuijsen making the most of it with a Backside Kickflip on this bump.

Summer days in Barcelona; Adrian Poncet catching the last rays of light with a tre flip.

Skateboarder/Artist Elna with a Pivot to Fakie in this DIY bank in front of the Spree river in Berlin.

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