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WY Reports: Illegal Civ Fest No Vacancy at the Pink Motel

02.18.19 – TAGS: ,
Photos: Andeaux

On Saturday evening we checked into the Pink Motel and didn’t want to leave because the IC3 fest was dope. The Pink Motel is reminiscent of ’50s Americana but with a touch of late-century skateboarding. An empty pool lied dormant ready for shred as teen spirit permeated the air in the flavors of mint pods and herb. The San Fernando Valley industrialized funhouse was transformed into a Illegal Civ colony. It was refreshing to run into some familiar faces, some new ones and IC3 was playing on repeat (rightfully so). Meanwhile, the Red Bulls kept the kids thirsty and eyes glued to the stage. A colorful tapestry of vendors sold merch a long the interactive rooms to check into and can’t want to go back.

The road home was a stacked one but memorable consisting of flashbacks to check below:

For more check the IC3 intro below:

Photos: Andeaux Borunda II

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