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Our Man Jay and the Missing WY Sweatshirt Truth Be Told

03.18.19 – TAGS:
Video: RVCA

RVCA is sure pulling all the right levers these days. Obviously Jay Davies has been chilling on the team for awhile now but the new and improved RVCA promo machine has really been in high gear as of late. North Shore scene? Lock. Alternative surf craft guy? Lock. MMA guy? Lock. Give credit where credit is due, RVCA is truly out in front of everyone these days in terms of brand awareness.

But back to our man Jay. Style, flow, air game, tube hound… what’s not to like? In the clip below, Jay checks all the boxes in his usual power mode.

Apparently there is a hip boardshort collab with OG artist Mark Oblow that goes with this clip but we haven’t actually seen a pair yet, even through both RVCA and WY reside on the same street and are literally just a few blocks apart. Look forward to putting a pair thought the test. Size 28 please.

Oh, and Jay, next time you’re in town swing by and we’ll replace that What Youth sweatshirt we heard you, um ,”lost”. – WY

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