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WY Mashup No. 1

We are introducing some new songs to get your week going called the WY Mash Up. It is a weekly music collective, where you will find some artists that you may be familiar with along with some others that are coming up. Enjoy.

“GONE, GONE / THANK YOU” is the tenth track on Tyler the Creator’s newly released album IGOR. The song has features from artists CeeLo Green, La Roux, and Jessy Wilson. The album starts with a lovesick individual who resolves the pain of the love that has been lost.

Fletcher Shears better known by his solo project Puzzle has been very busy from playing at C****ella with the Garden and will soon be travelling to Chicago to take part in Riot Fest. “Shrugs Shoulders” is one of the darker songs he has released and seems to draw out the frustration associated with personal problems. The song really builds a strong rapport with the listener because we’ve all felt this way before.

“Right” by Bowie was released on the ninth studio album Young Americans in March 1975. This track flew under everyone’s radar because of more notorious songs like “Fame” and “Young Americans”. The song draws aspects from funk and soul and intertwines them it to this underrated treasure. – What Youth

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