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WY Mashup No. 2


Ultimate Spinach was a psychedelic rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. The album Behold and See was released in August of 1968 and featured great compositions like “Mind Flowers” and “Visions of Your Reality”. The song begins with trippy and washy guitar melodies which later turn to distorted higher energy riffs. Mind Flowers seems to be talking about coming to terms with one’s self and the challenges you face in life. Which draws the message of acceptance to bring prosperity.

The Germs are notorious punk icons who greatly contributed to the LA punk sound in the late ’70s to early ’80s. Frontman Darby Crash is the classic punk rocker with a troubled childhood and endless built up angst. “Let’s Pretend” really showcases his anger by talking about internal conflicts like depression and the unsatisfaction with life.

Pat Metheny is a world renowned jazz musician. He first began playing guitar at age fourteen. At eighteen he attended the University of Miami for music and quickly received a teaching job there. A year later, he was given a teaching assistantship at Berkeley College of Music. The best part of the track is the four-minute guitar solo he performs with technical and melodic ease. “Have You Heard” has a sweet and warm guitar tone that will surely satisfy your ears. – What Youth

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