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WY Mashup No. 3


Fronted by Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath arrived on the music scene in 1968. They have pioneered the heavy metal sound and have inspired generations of upcoming artists. Sabbath have very distinct dark guitar riffs due to guitar player Tony Iommi injuring his fingers, forever changing his style.

The Cramps have very unique music. Their songs incorporate genres like rockabilly blues and rock to form their unusual sound. “The Way I Walk” is a very simply written song with a steady beating kick drum that really gets you in the groove. On top of that, Lux Interior’s loud screaming vocals and wacky on-stage ensembles clash to bring that signature Cramps experience.

The legendary Dave Brubeck Quartet are known for their unusual time signatures, superimposing rhythms, and odd tonalities. “Take Five” is an renowned jazz track that was written by saxophonist and Dave Brubeck’s longtime musical partner Paul Desmond. Two years after its initial release in 1959, it gained popularity and became the biggest selling jazz single ever. – What Youth

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