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Craig Anderson and Huf A short film

What started as some skate dudes tagging along on a trip up the coast with surf dudes, now sees Craig Anderson wearing Huf shoes, joining the team and now we get this short film, featuring the ever-stylish and always emulated Craig Anderson.

A little back story: We were filming down the South Coast of Australia, trying to get clips for Kai’s new film Cluster when we got a call from Dylan Rieder and Austyn Gillette. They wanted to shred. In the water. So we all got in a van and hit the road. And aside from their total disregard for rocks and never-earlier-than-noon wake ups, the trip went pretty well, as you can see below.

Watch this short of Craig, a bit of a welcome to the team piece. Watch it, take a trip, roll around, shred a few, get some Hufs. Enjoy, etcetera.

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