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WY Summer Wish List Six Products We Wish For This Summer

Call this whatever you want. But sometimes Reddit feeds don’t exactly do justice for something fresh as summer lemons. Maybe this will? Here are some goodies that we recommend you share with a friend and get a hug in return.

Public disclaimer: We were not paid to share this rad shit, so you should just check it out.

Andrew Allen’s Phone Booth deck. It looks a little mysterious, just the way we like it. The graphic appears to be stowed away in a communication time capsule with one of our favorite guys who rip on four wheels. Check it out here.

Ethel Rose Flower Shop Gear. Ethel Rose Flower Shop is kinda refreshing and was started by a young lad and friend of ours, David Rey. It’s right out of leftfield and may or may not have a lot to do with a flower shop, except there is a daisy bouquet that you can buy for someone. So stop and smell the roses, some of their exports are blooming with tees and stickers here.

Spendtime Palace “Getaway” Hats. You may be going on a romantic getaway this summer and you may have heard the band Spendtime Palace. Now it’s time to treat yourself to one of their hats to keep you shaded while you roam. More goodies here.

House Beer Six-Pack. Arguably, always refreshing. House Beer quenches the thirst after a long day. We concur to that, and we won’t keep it a secret. House Beer has helped keep us hydrated at our gatherings in the night (sometimes during the day!) and we’re glad they were there. Stay tuned they may be coming to a WY event near you soon. Search for some of their brew in your local area here.

What Youth “Initial” Bucket Hat. Of course we had to throw one of these in here! Because it’s getting hot out there kiddos so cover that melon. Give it a look here.

Adidas’ Tyshawn Jones Shoe. Equipped with steez. The SOTY has dropped his debut kicks and they are pretty f’ing clean. Touched with extra padding around the ankle for protection and extra comfort to chill in. We laced some up and they feel as good as they look. 

If you’re in the area of one of these delightful places, go on in and try yourself a pair on:

Supreme — Tokoyo, Japan
8FIVE2 — Hong Kong
FLY — Shanghai, China
Supreme — New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA
Atlas Skateboarding — San Mateo, CA
Kingswell — Los Angeles, CA
Labor Skateshop — New York, NY
DIME — Montreal, Canada
Premier — Grand Rapids, MI
Uprise Skateshop — Chicago, IL
Supreme — Paris, France
Supreme — London, UK
Civilist — Berlin, Germany
Ben G — Amsterdam, Netherlands
Street Machine — Copenhagen, Denmark
Slam City Skates — London, United Kingdom
OKTYABR — Moscow, Russia


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