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Nic Von Rupp Is Working His Ass Off Check Out Rail Road

07.18.19 – TAGS: , ,
Video: Gustavo Imigrante

As has been covered extensively across the internet and numerous social feeds, the Nic Von Rupp content machine has been busy with a cool project titled, Rail Road, which was shot and edited by Gustavo Imigrante. Loosely, it’s a travel piece through Europe via train-which gives it a unique feel-and features Nic doing what he does so well: charge big, cold slabs. We kinda dropped the ball on the initial film release so we wanted to make sure to help out to promote the corresponding release of the award winning book that was also produced.

Watch the movie and enjoy the Insta clips but if you really want a lasting and very cool keepsake of Mr. Rupp’s adventures, then you must buy the book too!

Buy here:  

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