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The Fletchers. Surfing’s first family.


It’s hard not to see the obvious connections between the blended Hoffman/Fletcher family and our world. Whether it be surf, skate, moto or any number of various other activities, as well as multiple business ventures, this family has most likely touched us all in some way. You’ve most likely worn clothes made with Hoffman fabrics and didn’t even know it. You’ve used Astrodeck long before all the other traction companies jumped into the game and you’ve watched in amazement at any one of the family members doing absolutely crazy shit on a wave, in an empty pool, on a motocross track or even at an art studio somewhere. The family tracks back to Great Grandfather, Rube, on down to his sons Philip “Flippy” and Walter Hoffman and then on to Walter’s daughters, Joyce and Dibi Hoffman. There’s a cousin Marty in there somewhere. On Herbie’s side it’s he and Dibi’s sons, Christian and Nathan, and then on to Christian’s son, Greyson, and Nate’s son, Laser. This is one loaded squad! And, to top all of that off, this is a group who is approachable, friendly and good for a laugh at a moment’s notice. They have always been more than friendly to us at WY and they were very instrumental in many of our early successes. We thank you for that.

Wrecktangle #12 by Herbie Fletcher

Tomorrow night, July 25, at the Gagosin Gallery in New York City, a curated show opens to announce the release of a book titled The Fletcher Family: A Lifetime in Surf. Written by Dibi, with some insight from a few notable family friends, this special book is loaded with photographs from a virtual who’s who of surf and skate lensmen royalty. This beauty is a must have.

Pre order book here:

If you’re in NYC from July 25 through August 30, do yourself a favor and head over to the Gagosian to check it out. More details:

Also, on July 29th, at 7:00 PM at the Guild Hall in East Hampton, check out a screening of Heavy Water directed by Michael Oblowitz. The film follows Nathan through a very insightful look at a life well lived and includes a tracing of his lineage back to his grandfather, Walter Hoffman, the surf industry legend and pioneer on Oahu’s North Shore. If you haven’t seen it, you need to.

To attend the free event, RSVP to


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