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Can Mason Ho save surfing from itself?

08.07.19 – TAGS: , ,

If you follow What Youth you might have seen that we recently anointed Mason with our first annual What Youth Hall of Fame Maximum Dude award for “exemplary effort, courage and stoke in the pursuit of wave-riding”, or some bullshit like that. As if somehow on cue, a new vid just dropped featuring the Hawaiian stoke machine bopping about in Bali.

The usual praise for Mason’s refreshing take on surfing aside, we are dead serious as to the need for more like him and his take on life. As has been discussed in much detail of late, surfing is in a weird place these days. Wave pools, soft-tops, Olympics, all interesting developments but also very strange and almost foreign in many ways. Of course that’s only our humble opinion but that’s what we do here: call shit out when we think we see it. Agree or disagree is up to you.

Anyway, back to Mason. We’ve only had a few fleeting personal interactions with him, so much of what we know is formed through the same lens most of you are looking through: published media. Luckily, Mason is a hard working man and he seems to have a knack for popping up quite often. All the better to keep his uniquely refreshing take on surfing front and center and his effervescent approach to life out there for all to take note of. 

The world is a better place with aloha, and Mason brings it home by the truckload. Thanks brah.


The 2019 WY Surfing Hall of Fame

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