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Do you eat fish? Buyer beware

08.29.19 – TAGS: ,

If so, then you’ve probably eaten farm-raised fish without even knowing it. As with everything these days, something that may have started off with good intentions has now become a bit of a problem. Patagonia produced a video on the subject a few months back which is an eye-opener, to say the least.

There’s also been a┬áproposed salmon farm project on the fabled King Island off Australia, which is planned for one of the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever see. Craig Anderson comes to mind swooping in behind peak after peak in one of the many clips that have been published from this dream location. However, the proposed farm was to be immediately adjacent to Martha Lavinia beach and could have had disastrous environmental impacts. The locals are dead set against it, the surfers are obviously against it, yet outside commercial interests seem to have pushed aside reason and are racing ahead full steam.

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Martha Lavinia, King Island doing it’s thing.

It’s not rocket science to understand that fish for human consumption should be fresh, wild and probably not raised in a crowded, dirty pen. Studies have shown that the fish shit alone that is generated by this practice is a disgusting by-product that kills everything around the pen, and of which surely ends up in the food chain. Pretty fucking gross.

In fairness, we should note that there are most probably many fish farms that follow self-imposed facility guidelines which ensure a quality product that is perfectly safe for human consumption. Buyer beware perhaps?


Wherever you are on the political spectrum of things, we hope that most of us can put that aside and get behind issues which are threatening the things that are dear to us as surfers because in many ways we are the stewards of an ocean we enjoy for our recreation, our solace, and our sanity. We only have one planet, let’s not fuck that up.

An older Surfrider vid on the subject:

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