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WY Fall Wish List Goodies for Autumn

Here’s the What Youth Fall Wishlist for all to enjoy! There are a plethora of goodies to grab online these days so we narrowed that down to a few things that you should check out, or better yet, give to a friend because they’re probably blowing their cash on textbooks right now. – What Youth

Still Skateboards. This deck was born from a dream and is now ready to skate. When you’re done properly abusing it, send it back and get it recycled. That’s kinda cool. Also, 10% of all profit is donated to One Tree Planted to help restore the Amazon. That’s really cool.

Buy it here

Duke Cannon men’s products. The man and the myth. The marketing alone is classic. Think: “the most interesting man in the world just got a crossbow”. Truly a scent for a night out among the wild things.

Buy some here

This Is Not a T-Shirt by Bobby Hundreds. You may not be down with all the subtleties of street culture, however, if that does interest you and, perhaps you are also thinking about putting out your shingle and starting a business, this is a great biz 101 starter kit. Super honest, very informative and with a healthy side order of the required entrepreneurial braggadocio, Bobby checks all the boxes. It’s an easy read and yes, it’s still OK to open up a book once in a while.

Buy it here

Our friends at Adidas are busy. This latest model, The Liberty Cup, pays homage to the golden eras of skate and tennis and was created as a play on those respective roots. It’s a classy kick, and functional too! Heitor seems to think so.

Link to vid:

Ramona Wine. What’s not to like about wine in a can? Easy, convenient, and earth-friendly – at least until someone tells us aluminum causes all types of deadly ailments, is speeding up global warming and is killing baby seals. For now, we’re in.

Check it out here

Surfline membership. Remember when you used to grovel on the free cams for a 15-second glimpse of the surf? That shit is so 90’s. Get with the program grandpa and get on the ‘line. Cams everywhere that got you covered on the go.

Get it here

Alex Knost’s Style 36 Deacon SF. A new Vans side stripe silhouette made with vegan leather. We think you can even eat them! A signature shoe crafted from Al’s innermost creative thoughts, these babies actually match the interior of the vintage caddy he’s currently rolling. There’s a sick SK8- HI version too.

Get them here

Vissla 7 Seas “Gadoo” Wetsuit. Wear, rip and repeat. It’s a toasty little beauty with design innovation, a touch of style and at a very affordable price. Don’t see that in one sentence very often!

Hurley Phantom Hyperweave Tango Boardies. It’s might be getting a little chilly to trunk it but not to kick it. These boardies are comfy, sleek and feathery light. Once they are on, they hard to get off, for good reason.

Buy them here

Sorry Hoodie. Evan Mock has been making some garments that sparkle unapologetically. Stay comfortably warm in this one.

Buy it here

What Youth Initial Beanie. Fall is coming, that means additional late nights and early mornings where this may come in handy. Enjoy.

Buy it here


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