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Over it Skaters, Drugs and Alcohol…

08.19.19 – TAGS:

We’ve all had that moment in our lives when we think we are truly invincible. Whether gapping a stair set, or knocking back a few cold ones, it always starts out as good clean fun, right? Unfortunately, things can and often do go sideways, so to speak, and some of those very real stories have been captured by Thrasher’s Micheal Burnett.

Micheal opened a door usually left closed in this very moving piece on the perils of substance abuse within our own community. It was very eye-opening to read the many in-depth and soul-searching thoughts from some of skating’s best. We felt it important that we share these courageous stories as it just may save a life by inspiring someone to get the help they need.

We added an excerpt from Arto below.

Arto Saari. Better days.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to quit?
As cliché as it sounds it starts with “one day at a time.” Sometimes it’s one minute at a time, one second at a time. The only power you have is over this moment right here, right now. The most important thing you can do is to ask for help. Then try and surround yourself with people that aren’t gonna hand you a beer and a joint and get out of your normal routine for awhile. You could call a stranger that is sober and ask for help and they will help you. If you have an inkling of a feeling that you should quit, then you should quit. There are no mistakes in getting sober. It’s different for everyone, no perfect approach, the important thing is just to try and give yourself that break from whatever monkey is on your back. I’m celebrating my seventh year sober this June. I couldn’t have stayed alive doing what I was doing, so this works better for me.

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