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Remember What Youth Giveaway A road trip care package from What Youth

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Life is terribly fleeting. I mean, what did you do today? Yesterday? Hopefully they look different. And awesome. And how about the raddest trip of your life? Remember that? Was it documented? Was it across the world or across the street? Doesn’t really matter, as long as you have a moment to remember it by. That’s why we’re here. To document and remember. And before we cue the jazz and hit the road again, we want to be inspired. By you — and we’ve got something for the 10 of you who amp us up the most.

We have some useful things for the road we want you to have. Camera. Stance socks. Postcards and some other trinkets of appreciation. To win, we want you to post the photo that would be the cover of the photo album to your favorite journey.  Hashtag your photo #rememberwhatyouth and tag us @whatyouth. All entries will also be *appearing on the What Youth scrapbook, so make ’em good. Get us psyched and you could win.

*Remember we’re looking for new posts from you, that’s the only way they’ll show up on the Scrapbook page. Tagging old photos won’t post them to our Scrapbook. Good luck.

Winner’s will be chosen on Friday December 12th.

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