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Watch “Tan Madonna” A Video Project by Alex Knost

The latest creative outburst from Mr. Al Knost, Tan Madonna, is currently making the rounds. There was the prerequisite launch party a few weeks back and of course the obligatory exclusive online screening on a popular surf website, but now it’s out there for all to enjoy.

Let’s dive right in.

Alex Knost does things his way and Tan Madonna is yet another presentation of his unique talents. With financial support from Vans, Al was able to put a really nice little film together and given Al’s penchant for the oblique and mysterious, Tan Madonna is not your run of the mill surf clip. With multi-craft surfing, cameo’s from fellow Vans crew, including Harry Bryant, Michael February, and Karina Rozunko, and an almost Hitchcock-like music score that he and Lee Ann Curren dreamt up, this film makes for a very entertaining 30-ish minutes.

Oh, and that cheater-five shit is next level!

For whatever reasons, Al can sometimes be a target of critique to anyone who thinks surfing, playing music or just living one’s personal path must be colored between the lines, predictably structured, and with all rules obeyed. It’s as if Al almost scares these folks when he veers from the normal paradigms, as is usual from Knost. Completely opposite of that, we think it’s guys like Al that keep us thinking “why”, wondering “what if”, and having a fucking great time doing it. Tan Madonna is very simply Al being Al and we found the film a very entertaining take on some the things we love: surfing, art and music.

Ignore the critics, grab a beverage of choice-a nice pinot might be suitable-and settle into a soothing ride through Mr. Knost’s world. – What Youth

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