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Watch “Dancing Barefoot” Featuring Oscar Langburne

09.13.19 – TAGS: , ,

The precocious Oscar Langburne has some style. In this new video titled Dancing Barefoot (in homage to the legendary Patti Smith) some light is shed on what the young lad has been thinking about lately. From his progressive fun shapes to his affinity for the music of past eras, Oscar creates an interesting fusion for his 16 young years.

His addition to the RVCA team, which is a great fit, as well as makes it official that RVCA now sponsors half of the earth’s total population. Oscar brings a fresh outlook on life that surfing so desperately needs.

Great style combined with a relaxed, unhurried approach, Oscar’s surfing is easy to watch. Oh, and kids, if your paying attention, not a double-pump bottom turn in the bunch. He simply lets the wave come to him and he naturally reacts. As it should be.

In an age where 32 robots travel the world attempting to force surfing into a structured box, it’s the creative output from guys like Oscar that keep it, sorry for the cliche, but yeah, real.

We look forward to seeing more from Osc’. – What Youth

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