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Barong Temple A New Brand from London

10.07.19 – TAGS:
Photos: Barong Temple

Barong Temple is a new men’s clothing brand from London. They hit us up to help them get introduced to some new eyeballs and we liked what we saw. A little rough around the edges, a bit of surf, motorcycles and shit. Love it.

Check it out.


Celebrating passion is the foundation behind the birth of Barong Temple.

Embracing culture, connecting with locals, and exploring new paths through our shared passion is an ethos we stand behind and subtly pay homage to in our branding and content.

Barong Temple is a brand based in London amidst the vibrant street culture of which our style derives inspiration from. We explore bridging the surf, motorcycle and street cultures through passion, art and a unique style inspired by minimalist design and earthy tones.

Our brand was founded without limiting itself to one community or purpose or direction but stand by two principles – live your passion and be wild.

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