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Watch “Home Cooking” Featuring Bobby Martinez

Video/Edit: Sean Lesh

Long before Mr. Martinez let Klieny now exactly how he felt about competitive surfing, we were already huge fans. Hard not to be with a power game thats as good as there’s ever been and the balls to speak his mind, Bobby is a throwback to an era where your hands better be able to back up your mouth and your surfing might be your only ticket out of a tough neighborhood. Obviously, Bobby has been able to use his personal motivations to be the man, and surfer, he is today and we are all better for it.

The man among his people.

As this release shows, Bobby’s on his backhand at Rincon is a brutal attack which has and will forever stand the test of time. Full rail commitment without a chick in the amour and a barrel game to match, the timing of this vid couldn’t better after three days of watching, well, you know.

Thanks Bob.

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