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Watch “Cult of Freedom”: The Creed Part The latest in a series from Joe G

10.24.19 – TAGS: , , ,

As is the case here, pretty much anything Joe G is involved with is worth your time. And as you also probably know Joe’s latest ongoing project is titled the Cult of Freedom. It is being produced in conjunction with his long-time employ, Globe, and features one of their brightest stars, Creed McTaggart. It was filmed in WA and Indo by Tom Jennings, Beren Hall, Rex Nink-Mowday and Issac Jones, with editing work by Matt Payne.

The entire series, collection, prequel, or whatever vids are called these days, is being cleverly released so as to minimize the realities of social media “instadeath” as well the two-year radio silence required to film and edit a full-length feature. Looks like a win as we assume once completed this project will be re-cut and released as a full-length feature to properly enjoy.

Until then, we get the juicy tidbits like this along the way!

This clip – we hate that term too – shines some light on the truly enigmatic surfing of Mr. McTaggert. Of course, all of us at What Youth are big fans from way back with his appearance in Kai’s film, Cluster, being an appropriate introduction to the big time. He’s since taken a different tack than most but we love that he’s doing it his way, riding different boards, bashing about in a band, etc. Surfing could use a little originality these days and Creed certainly checks that box.

Enjoy the man in his element.

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