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Watch “BeachHead” The latest from Ian Crane


We’ve had Ian on the What Youth radar for years now and have watched him grow from the petulant teen with tons of ability to today’s version of the QS warrior, content machine and now, company man.

We’ll get back to the company thing in a minute.

We’d be remiss to not mention the roll Ian has been on with his surfing of late. Aside from his usually very visual presence in surf media, Ian upped the ante with a win at the Redbill Airshow in France and a solid QS result in Ericeira. The man is everywhere!

Now, we’ve learned of a possible new business venture, also titled Beachhead. We haven’t spoken directly to him yet but we have learned that Beachhead is a beach accessory line to make time on the sand a little more comfortable. Hey, you have the visibility that Ian has, why not turn some merch? We’ll get back to you when we get more details.

In the meantime, watch the video, Beachhead, and enjoy Ian and his San Clem posse getting after it.

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Filmed by Timmy Toes, Jacob Vanderwork, Alessio Saraifoger, Scotty Hammonds

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