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Watch “FLOW STATE” A film from Russell Bierke.

11.01.19 – TAGS: , ,

As we mentioned a few posts ago with Brett Burcher’s vid drop, there are so many niches of surfing to explore. And like his good friend, Brett, Russell also specializes in the cold, dark and scary stuff.

Russ on a small one. Photo: Green

Russ has been a fixture of the slab hunters anonymous crew since a very young age and his unmistakable blond mane swinging in the wind is a common sight when the surf gets large and critical. It wasn’t long ago that the man was knocked out cold and had to be revived on the beach during a fun, mid-sized surf with Kelly. If you get on that horse enough times, you will get bucked.

The man. The hair. The barrel.

The cool part is Russell gets right back on.

FLOW STATE is a perfect look into just what Russell does: Charge huge and unforgiving slabs.

Another fun one.

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