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Watch “Ru. Bu 994” A film by Noa Deane

11.01.19 – TAGS: , ,

Damn, there’s a lot going on.

Quite a bit has transpired these last few weeks in surfing and the content pipeline is kind of overflowing. As we attempted to navigate our way through it all, of course, anything from a WY favorite son like Noa is going to catch our eye.

Ru. Bu 994 is the latest from our man Noa and his pal behind the lens, Mikey Mallaieu, and it includes all the bells and whistles Mr. Deane is known for. The air game is obviously on point but there’s also a newfound pace in his surfing that seems to allow for a little more power and pop. The barrel game is still predictably solid from a man raised among the types of waves that obvioulsy require those skills. A little throw-back metal for the soundtrack and it’s a wrap.

We are hopeful that this little banger doesn’t get lost in a rising sea of content as it’s really is the type if vid that makes you want to surf. Hard.

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