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What Youth Does: Kaden Russi A Q&A

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A chat with Kaden Russi.

What Youth has always been about capturing the ins and outs of young and interesting personalities. Keeping an eye out for those earliest of flare-ups from a hot young grom being one of the more rewarding tasks we are assigned with. Watching a kid push his way to the top of the heap never gets old whether it’s all the way to the CT or just being the latest local hero. If you happen to live and surf on the North Shore of Oahu you are probably aware of a huge crop of young groms getting after it.

With that in mind, we bring you Kaden Russi.

Kaden: living it, North Shore style.

As a surf-crazed grom, growing up on the North Shore has its perks. Obviously the waves, but also a very supportive local community, a bunch of other shredders to cruise with, and plenty of influential legends to look up to. The Florence brothers to name just a few.

Grom has some pop!

Kaden, along with his brother Kona, are truly living the dream, as they say. Rocky Lefts in the morning, Kahuku motocross track at lunch, Banzai skatepark in the afternoon, these guys have it pretty dialed. And having a dad, Jim Russi, who just happens to be a legendary surf photog, only sweetens the deal. How many groms have their own photog at 14?

We caught up with Kaden and asked him a few questions about growing up on the North Shore, where he wants to take his surfing, and who his inspirations are today. Keep an eye on this kid.

What Youth: Where did you grow up surfing?

Kaden: North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. 

Do you remember your first wave?

I actually do! When I was two years old and I was at a beach called Malaekahana and I fell off on the drop. [laughs]

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you travel to?

I would travel to the Mentawai Islands to go surf.

What was the last book you read?

I think Diary of a Wimpy Kid. [laughs]

Favorite food?

I would have to say my mom’s filet mignon. 

Favorite Movie?

Home Alone 3 for sure. 

Who’s someone that you look up to?

John John Florence, because he’s the nicest guy ever and he shreds.

Do you like to listen to music before getting in the water? If so, what tune?

I would have to say “Ain’t Talking Bout Love” by Van Halen

Wow, a little old school power rock. Nice.

How can surfers make the world a better place? We can clean up the oceans and by doing that, cleaning the earth from its worst problem right now, which is plastic pollution. 

OK, rad. Good to hear and great catching up. Have a great North Shore season.

Thank you guys so much for the opportunity!



All photos: Jim Russi @jimsussi

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