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WY Premiere: Boy Willows Listen to Their New Single “Greyhound”

12.02.19 – TAGS: ,

A sonic savant, Boy Willows has earned quite a reputation for his keen ability to cross-pollinate genres and for his sincere writing approach to music. Growing up in the suburbs of Maryland, Landon Fleischman developed an affinity for songwriting at an early age which allowed him to unleash his creativity without any self-judgment. Inspired by the fields, rivers, and mountains around him, Landon started playing the guitar at the tender age of eight; the serene environment influenced his atmospheric and dreamy sound early on. Boy Willows boldly produces, writes, and records all of his own material. With the support from the likes of Wallows and The Regrettes, Boy Willows experiments with new tunes that get us clicking replay. Boy Willows is also currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on his EP to be released in 2020. 

Enjoy listening to his newest single “Greyhound” which is a throwback to early 2000’s nostalgic hip-hop that stays wrapped in Boy Willows’ signature trademark experimental folk. While he was on tour, Landon recovered a drive titled “Greyhound” from a fire. After returning to Los Angeles Lanon and his friend Elais Park finished recording the song. Sit back, stream and enjoy these hypnotic rhythms. – What Youth

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