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Watch O’Neill’s “O’Riginals”–Travis Potter


In the latest installment of O’Neill’s O’Riginals series, they throw it back to a time of deep feral exploration in the Indonesian archipelago. And this episode’s subject, Travis Potter, has done it about as feral as it can be done. With his pals Timmy Turner, Brett Shwartz and Mikala Jones, Travis has probably seen more perfect, uncrowded waves than anyone living today. He’s ridden a few too. This whole crew has.

Given the starvation, malaria, reef scapes and slashes, etc., it takes a serious commitment to tackle this kind of adventuring. It’s almost hard to watch knowing how difficult these journeys must be, until one of the boys threads another classic Indo barrel and then it all becomes crystal clear.

Obviously Travis has that commitment and then some.

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