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What Youth Does: Jackson Dorian A Brief Q&A with the young shredder

02.10.20 – TAGS: , , ,
Photos: Todd Glaser

Jackson Dorian is coming along quite well. His father has held it down as a giant slayer in the water and the torch is now being passed. We discussed Jackson’s favorite spot to surf, school situation, comp vs. free surf, along with his future travel agenda. We look forward to seeing more of Jackson. What Youth

WHAT YOUTH: It’s been a minute, how old are you these days?


Traditional school or home school?

I do homeschool, it’s my first year.

Favorite surf spot?

Salina Cruz in Mexico. I love that the waves are so long and shreddable. 

Favorite wave pool so far?

My favorite is Waco because you can get tons of waves and I love the air section. 

You’ve been on a bit of a roll lately with all kinds of coverage. Where do you want to take your surfing in the next few years? Competitively or maybe more of a free surfer?

I do like contests a lot so I want to compete as much as I can and become a better competitor, but also become a better free surfer as I get older. 

Your Dad is obviously a legend, from his early career to now as one of the most notorious big wave guys ever, how has he helped influence your surfing?

He does help me a little bit with learning some things. He also takes me surfing a lot and on some surf trips, so I am super lucky. 

Have you been getting into the hunting thing a bit with your Dad?

Not much, just been busy surfing, but we are doing a hunting trip soon

How was caddying for Kelly at the Sunset Pro? How was that whole experience?

It was nerve-wracking, I didn’t want to mess up!

Which surfers, besides pops, do you like to watch to get you pumped?

Eli Hanneman, Italo, Barron Mamiya, Filipe. I watch their web clips all the time. 

Any other groms you’re surfing these days with that we should be watching out for?

Kai Martin from Oahu, Hayden Rogers from San Clemente and Lennix Smith from Australia. 

Any upcoming trips?

I am going back to the North Shore soon and then back to Waco. Can’t wait!

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