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Watch “Elude” A film by Noah Wegrich and Perry Gershkow


Whenever Perry Gershkow points a camera at something it’s a good idea to pay attention to the finished product. Once again, he doesn’t disappoint.

Elude is really a labor of love-type project of which apparently just evolved over a period of time. Funny how those organic ones often turn out really good. This 30 minute plus gem features only its lead protagonist, Noah “Waggy” Wegrich, who was very much up to the challenge and brought it home something solid.

Scotland, Ireland, California, Hawaii, Canada and Indo, the boys went a looking and found what they were looking for. We guess that over two years’ time you’re going to find something but these guys truly scored at virtually every destination. The variety of waves in this film is incredible.

As has been noted, we’re living in interesting times. Not sure what it means or where it’s going, but the little run of self-produced stuff from the last year or so is very refreshing in its noted absence of commercialism. Yes, we are all missing that energy drink cash that was flying around, or those epic Taylor Steele/Kai Neville years, but there is just something simple, yet so very authentic about a self-produced project. Be it a film, short clip, zine, or whatever.

It’s also kinda cool to see the different creative partnerships that have formed like this one between Perry and ‘Waggs.

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