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WY Recommends: Rob’s Salty Garage Get your soul on.

It’s been open for a while now but we just got round to properly checking it out. Salty Garage is a blend of Rob Machado’s passions, friendships, and the products he backs, and has probably tested personally. One of surfing’s most recognizable icons, the selection of gear represents his journey past and present. Obviously a few beautiful surfboards from his brand but also an eclectic blend of men’s wear, vital surf accessories and other gems curated from the man himself.

One such brand, Parallel x League, was recently launched by ex-pro baseball player Brandon League. Nothing close to a typical surf label, PXL features a casual yet very stylish look. Apparently Brandon and Rob hit it off at a local golf event and to show his support to a fellow Encinitas local, Rob brought the new line into his store. That’s the kind of community support that surf shops are long famous for. Live local, shop local, etc. Let’s get back to that.

Some Parallel X League gear on the rack.

The interior of Salty Garage is literally a long historical visit through Rob’s brilliant career. Part surf shop, part Mob museum. It’s a lot to absorb in a small space.

In this day and age where surf culture is constantly being misappropriated, you will only find core stoke at Salty Garage.

Make it a point to stop by next time you’re in town.

Salty Garage: 930 S. Coast Highway, Encinitas, CA

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Parallel X League

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