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Watch “2019.” A film from Ryan Callinan


As is the new norm these days, surf pro hires filmer (s), stacks a few, drops a clip, Repeat. Yes, we are living in a strange new world. Once upon a time the media outlets actually created the content, now most of us simply present what’s been made available.

Well for one, the surf media consumer is winning as there is way more quality content being produced and this little banger is definitely worth a watch. And we don’t feel we are going too far out on a limb by saying Ryan has the sickest backhand around these days (Love that cruisy little float/climb at :56). Sit back and enjoy the man in action.

With the first three WSL events* being held in what will be mostly rights, R Cal should be off with flying colors. Already booking a 2nd in the QS at Newcastle ( Tie?), Ryan is locked into a solid start to his 2020 campaign.

*Editor’s update: The WSL has since canceled the first CT three events.

Good luck this year Ryan.

What Youth

Filmed by Jack Taylor, Alessio Saraifoger and Shane Blue

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