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10 Questions: Oscar Langburne Life during some crazy times.

Photo: Landa

Oscar is obviously “on the radar” these days. Hard worker, solid sponsorships, great style in and out of the water, etc. Young ‘Osc is keeping his hustle strong.

He just shot us over a recent clip of himself toying about at the URBNSURF tank in Melbourne. His unmistakable steez is an interesting juxtaposition when applied to a wave pool setting. Perhaps we’re just so used to seeing him in a much more, shall we say, organic environment. Regardless, his unique approach is refreshing in any body of water. In a time when defining one’s “value” as a surf personality is as critical as ever, we like that guys like Oscar are receiving the attention and support they deserve.

We shot him over a few questions on how he’s coping with the virus, Australia’s recovery from the recent fires, and his take on wave pools.


What Youth: Hey man, it’s been a while. How’re things?

Oscar Langburne: Yeh, really good thanks. Just been surfing a fair bit, taking it easy and listening to some new music.

WY: We’ll get to the wave pool experience in a minute, but first how are you dealing with the whole virus thing? 

OL: It’s crazy watching the news and how quickly everyone has changed from “oh it’s just a strong flu” to treating it a lot more seriously, and now everything is getting shut and all the events getting canceled.

WY: For sure. Are you seeing people around town acting more carefully in terms of staying home, keeping distance, etc.?

OL: It’s just sort of sinking in but one of the worst parts is how greedy people are… buying weeks and weeks of food and stuff is basically taking food off someone else’s table. It’s just so shit how people do that, it’s so selfish. The idiots fighting over toilet paper is next level but then everyone starts thinking well we better get more too or we’ll miss out. It’s so fucked.

WY: Obviously we are also right on the heels of the devastating fires, was it bad in your town?

OL: Nah, the fires were nowhere near us but I just got back from the south coast area where it was really bad around Xmas and the trees are black right to the edge of the highway. We had our prime minister on television walking around down there with a smirk, shaking hands for photos when it happened. If you lose your house, or worse, a handshake really doesn’t cut it. He’s a bit of a dick who’s so out of touch.

WY: How did that affect your community, and just the general vibe in Australia regarding the prevention of that ever happening again?

OL: So many people helped out and all the charity stuff to raise money was amazing. Lots of blame too though, I don’t really know enough about that part… there’s always extreme opinions but common sense is usually in the middle somewhere.

WY: Shifting gears a bit, thanks for sending over the clip of UBNSURF, how did you find that whole experience?

OL: It was sick, way better than I thought and so many waves that you definitely end up pretty torched.

WY: It’s interesting to see these things popping up all over and kind of competing with each other. Have you surfed any of the others?

OL: First time so I didn’t know what to expect and can’t really compare.

WY: Got it. Based on what you’ve seen, which one looks the most promising?

OL: Probably this one (URBNSURF) for me cause it’s got a bit of everything with the settings and a lot of waves. I definitely don’t want to watch the ones where it’s the same wave every time. Probably super fun to surf those but shit to watch when it’s identical wave after wave. That’s just so boring.

WY: How do you see pools fitting into everyday surfing once a few more get up and running?

OL: I can’t see any harm, it’s just another option for people.

WY: We know you’re still repping Haydenshapes, which model (s) are you digging on these days?

OL: My latest batch of HS boards have been really insane and dialed to suit me. Probably my favs are the Untitled, White Noiz and the twin fin called the Misc.

WY: Obviously we are all on a bit of a lockdown, but once we get through this madness any special destinations you have in mind?

OL: I had a few trips lined up but they’ll have to wait. Even tonight they were saying interstate travel might be on hold, which sucks as I had a trip planned but no big deal… there will always be waves to surf. Puts shit in perspective.

WY: Sure does. Thanks for the time. Stay well.

OL: Thanks heaps.

Edit: Tyge Landa

Music: “Is this the Day” performed by The The




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