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Watch: “Joyride” Starring Noa Mizuno


Well, the Melba Moore soundtrack had to tell you something was up. 70’s soul/disco isn’t really the genre of choice for most of today’s surf clips, but then Noa isn’t your everyday surfer.

A true “townie” in every sense, Noa was born and raised literally steps from Waikiki. One such perk of that being he gets set waves at ‘bowls. No easy feat that one. It would also appear that Mr. Mizuno has been venturing out a bit and has taken his very stylish act on the road as well. Obviously, the North Shore, but Indo, and a few other locations have all been blessed by his clean, yet modern wave riding approach.

It’s kinda cool how literally every Hawaii surfer, man or women, have that unmistakable Island style. It’s like they are born with it.

Also, don’t be surprised if you’re out clubbing and you recognize the DJ. It just might be Noa.

Nice clip.


What Youth

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Filmed and edited by Christian Edwards

Additional footage by Dave Fox


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