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Watch: “Von Froth” Nic Von Rupp and The Secret Slab

04.10.20 – TAGS: , ,

Mr. Von Rupp’s hard-working habits are well chronicled. So to keep the pedal properly floored he and his crew decide to hit up this playful little gem down the coast a bit. Looks fun, no?

Apparently it wasn’t enough to ride huge Nazare the day before, and almost lose a buddy in the process, no these hellmen just turn it straight up to full volume and get right back on the horse.

In the words of Nic himself, “No place I’d rather be when this wave goes off, even though it only happens once or twice a year. When it does it is just magical.

Russell Bierke and Tom Lowe round out the crew so you can imagine there was a bit of big wave testosterone in the line-up on this day.

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