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Watch: “Away from the Num8ers” A film by Oscar Langburne


It would be an understatement to say we are in some weird times these days. There simply is no normal right now.

In our little world of surf culture, the output and style of content have shifted considerably in reaction to the current situation. Some areas are on full lockdown while others are still surfing, which is having an obvious effect on what we are seeing in terms of surfing-related stuff.

As is often the case, challenges can create opportunity. It would seem the opportunity today is in finding ways to compose something original and compelling. Those things aren’t automatic when it comes to surf content.

Our friend Oscar, and his talented creative sidekick, Billy Lee-Pope, just dropped a bit of a concept vid of which has a specific script, so to speak, instead of the endless loop of waves and surfing that we see so much of.

We’ll let Oscar explain.

“The original idea was to do a film that was one half long left and one half right points that I thought might suit linking some turns. I guess it’s inspired by people I’ve been digging, the usual suspects like Parko, Steph, Curren, Asher, Craig, etc., plus Margo… he’s unbelievable. So we decided on Raglan in NZ and some right points in Australia but only got the left-hander section done due to travel restrictions. Also, Billy Lee-Pope, who filmed and edited it, is now stuck in NZ cause of the virus lockdown there, so the right-hander part will have to wait and become part 2 when we are allowed to move around again”.


Here’s the lefts and we will look forward to see the rights.


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