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Watch: Episode #3 of “The Life of Froth” Big Crazy Slabs


Well, here we go again. If there is anyone charging as much as Nic, please let us know. Well, that Koa Rothman roll-in to near disaster at Pipe the other day was pretty mental, but you get our drift.

Nic is on it.

To let them tell it, Nic and João Macedo grew up together, João has been Nic’s mentor since the age of 9, taught him surfing, helped him achieve his goals over the years and now both are professional big waves surfers. For the first time in 15 years, Nic and João go on a surf trip together. They head to the Death Coast to surf one of the biggest swells of the year with pioneers of this particular spot, Axi Muniain and Eric Rebier. 

”João Is a Legend, I’ve always known he’s crazy, but now he does it professionally.” Nic Von Rupp

Love the effort boys.

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