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Watch: “Big Monday” By Jack Coleman

04.29.20 – TAGS: , ,

This latest from our content share with NobodySurf features a few large bombs from Pipe, and the usual crew who are on it every swell. Healey, Balram, Anthony, etc.

A little grumpy on this day, and it’s very solid second reef Pipe with the roll-ins, the wash-throughs, all the bells and whistles, etc. Even underground local/lifeguard Andrew LaGreco makes a cameo.

Healey steals the show however on his day-glow orange sled but also takes a few on the head, as is common on a day like this. Yes, you have to want it and you will pay the price to reap the reward.

Oh, it looks so much easier than what you see on film. This clip gives you a little more reality.


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