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Watch: “Pentacoastal” A film by Wade Goodall

Unless you are completely unattached to the Internet and all social feeds, you surely have seen all the pre-drop promotions for this film.

Vans is good that way.

But when mysto-shredder Wade Goodall pitched this idea to his sponsor it surely must have been met with some initial skepticism. Of course, as we know, in this day and age long-format films just aren’t getting much backing. Luckily, for all of us, we got Vans in the game.

A bit like the energy drink push a few years back with boatloads of cash flowing at every project that was pitched, Vans has kinda stepped in to fill the glaring void for some of these more artsy, yet vital projects that need to get completed to keep some creative balance in surfing. Vans is also backing an eclectic team of which can produce quality entertainment, such as on this project, without even the thought of a contest jersey.

Moving on to the film, obviously Dane would be the draw to any project these days, but the supporting cast in Pentacoastal did a fine job adding some needed variety. Again, Vans has us covered with guys like Harry, Nathan F, Nate, multiple G-Dangs, Dylan, and Kyuss keeping it interesting.

Where’s Alex and Mikey Feb though?

However, it’s the movie’s lead protagonist, Wade Goodall, who is in very fine form at the many varied locations that this film features. The P-Pass end bit being a highlight. Wade has been through a long, well-documented career and this film being his personal “piece de resistance” to some of the hardships he’s faced.

If you know his story, the man’s perseverance is truly inspirational.

On this project, Wade brought in vet Shane Fletcher to help with the filming and editing and they work very well together. The relationships that have developed of late between surfer and filmer have created some interesting partnerships and some equally interesting results, Obviously Shane and Wade are on the same creative page.

Unfortunately, as is the norm these days, this film will probably be quickly filed away and our minuscule attention spans will be back by Monday watching soft tops at the Wedge or Ben Gravy surfing Lake Michigan. Or, if we’re lucky, perhaps someone getting barreled by their bedspread.

So, if you haven’t already, watch this film. A couple times.

We need to back these types of projects if we want to see more of them.

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