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Watch: O’Neill’s “We will Surf Again”

05.27.20 – TAGS: , , ,

Obviously the core surf shop has been devastated by the ramifications of the COVID-19 outbreak. Call it what you want but being closed for over two months, as is the case in for many shops, is a heavy blow to any business.

It’s easy to forget in the age of Amazon, but “mom and pop” retail as we knew has long been under attack. Add the COVID crisis and it will be especially hard for many of these core shops to recover.

As things begin to normalize to some degree and shops are slowly reopening, albeit under new circumstances, it’s time surfers step up and help this vital connection to surfing’s important heritage.

Simply, we all need to head into our local shop and buy that leash, that pair of boardies, even that new stick. There’s a good chance some pretty good deals are out there right now.

Support your local surf shop!

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