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Watch: “Locals Only” Sydney’s underground giving it heaps

06.22.20 – TAGS: ,

There’s that certain crew, at pretty much every local spot, who you can count on to show up and charge when the swell is on. The ones that live for those increases in a swell period and when the conditions start to light up.

You know the ones.

Recently, the East Coast of Australia was just smoked by a solid groundswell that lasted for days. Dependant on slight changes in swell and wind direction, different banks, slabs, and reefs each had their moments. This clip, captured and edited clip by Spencer Frost, with music by his brother Dylan, is focused on one small stretch of Northern Beaches sand and reef, of which had some moments of exceptional surf.

Four local surfers, family men (even one with baby triplets), of all different walks of life and profession, but all equally committed surfers who come together when it’s on. No WSL points involved, just a few of the boys charging the local.

Surfers: Beau Cram, Karl Atkins, Paul Stanton, Nick Laidlaw

A little something different.


What Youth

Filmed and edited – Spencer Frost. @spencerfrostfilms.

Music – Dylan Frost @dylsgram

Surfers – @beaucram @karlatkins @bass_stanton @balancedstudio

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