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Watch: “SNAPT 4 B Roll” The project that keeps on giving

07.08.20 – TAGS: , , ,

First, watching Asher surf anywhere on any board is a pleasure. Second, if these are the “throwaways,” Logan’s SNAPT 4 project is looking like it’s going to be epic.

In what Logan sent over under the file of B Rolls,” Asher plays with some fun Snapper while working his way through his ultra-modern Album quiver.

Um, smooth comes to mind.

Every aspiring young surfer would do themselves a favor by watching this guy surf a bit. A little style could do ya some good.

Also, didn’t catch the band but cool guitar riff on the soundtrack.


What Youth

Filmed by: @danscottt @shaggamang @malachi.films

Edited by: @changeforbalance

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