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Watch: “Von Froth Episode #9” The one minute barrel

07.15.20 – TAGS: , , ,

Well, it isn’t really one long barrel but a series of multiple coverups of which are all envious. Once again, Mr. Von Rupp is on it.

Since the crazy long grinders of Namibia were exposed to the world, we’ve seen the wave in many different combinations of wind, tide and swell with many of world’s the best surfers putting in some time.

It doesn’t ever get old.

In this clip, Nic shares the beast with Aritz, Natxo, Benji, and a few others on what looks like an absolute macking day.

As a kid I always dreamt about getting barrelled for a minute and there are only very few places in the world where you get such long and perfect waves, said Nic. “Namibia is the queen of all queens when it comes down to riding endless barrels, and as a goofy I had to go there.


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Nic von Rupp…

Aritz Aranburu…

Natxo Gonzales…

Filmed by Nuno Dias…

Edited by Ricardo Pina

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