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Watch: “Pistol Surf Co” The Highlight Reel


Some of the crew out Perth way have been flaring up a bit lately. And, it would seem more than a few have some affiliation with local brand Pistol Surf Company.

Cool little crew with plenty of talent, it would seem.

They sent us this clip of the boys at a few of their fav spots and we felt it more than worthy of a share.

From their own mouths…

We are a local surf hardware and wetsuit brand that originated in the Metro beaches of Perth, but now reside in the South West.

The entire Western coastline is best known for its powerful swells and wild winds, making it essential for the brand to develop equipment to withstand these conditions.

We draw from our experiences and knowledge of the ocean to create a variety of reliable and quality products that will enhance your surfing experience.

We also like to surf, adventure and drink beer!

Well, they got us with that last bit!


What Youth

Filmed by: Billy Cervi, Isaac Jones, Rex Nink-Mowday, Jack O’Grady, Cian Salmon, Eamon Zuvich, and Myles Carrol.

Pistol Surf Co.

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