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Take Five: EP 005 Fires, have they always been this bad?

09.14.20 – TAGS: , , , ,

Whew, big week.


One of our young interns wandered into the office this past week and sheepishly asked, “has it always been this bad?” He was referring to the fires which are burning basically uncontrolled throughout much of the western United States with over 40 fires burning as of this writing, including two or three right here in So Cal. We haven’t seen the sun unobstructed for days and there is ash on pretty much everything outside.

Air quality in the Western US

Each day bringing news of record acres burned, structures lost and the most tragic of all, a growing list of people who have been killed. As it was in Australia a few months ago, it’s very hard to watch.

The question begs: Are human activities creating the conditions which are seemingly making these events worse and more frequent? 

There are some who say these events are naturally cyclical and others who believe human-induced climate change is directly responsible. Unfortunately, it’s a tricky subject because of the huge changes that are required by our collective society to get off the petro-chemical addiction most of us are so deeply tied into, if indeed we are creating these problems.

Not sure the answer, but it would appear we need a solution.


COVID travel: Part deux

Kelly and Betet. Photo: WSL/Garcia

As you may have seen, the world’s greatest surfer has been doing a few crossovers with the crew down in Bali. Yep, Kelly made his way to Indo to join a few others in pristine and what appeared to be low-crowd conditions. Apparently, all it takes is a little grease, as is often the case in a third-world country, notwithstanding any moral issues that might be involved. All things considered, not sure we’d want to be there when Indonesian President Widodo finds out.


Our deepest condolences to Andy Slater’s family and friends after Andy was taken by an assumed Great White Shark while surfing in the relative safety of Rainbow Bay. There are no other words to describe these attacks other than absolutely horrifying. The shark issue has been long-simmering along the East Coast of Oz for a while now but this one is just too fucking close to home, so to speak. Nets, SMART drumlines, etc., have been in place for years on this stretch of coast, offering what may now have been something less than the perceived level of safety of which we all assumed.

Now what?

A deeply divided issue between the “cull um” gang and the “huggers” of which doesn’t look like will be resolved anytime soon. As we spoke to above with the fires, do humans have a hand in this somehow, and can we alter that without triggering some other imbalance?

Get out and Vote

As part of what we see as the most important thing a citizen of a free democracy can do, we will be pushing a bit of a “get out and vote” campaign to align with the upcoming elections in the US. We respect those on both sides of the political divide so we won’t get into the weeds on who to vote for and why, but we will be promoting that each and every one of us who is eligible to do so to exercise this hugely important civic responsibility. 

If you haven’t already, register here: Register

Oh, and Tyler Wright, you go girl.

Have a good week.


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