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Watch: Snapt4 B-Roll Part 2 Robo goes wild


Is there a more exciting young surfer right now than Mr. Jack Robinson? The versatility is just so unique: Power, air game, and, of course, perhaps the best all-around barrel rider in the water these days.

Imagine if this clip was your B-roll?

This was filmed during Covid at his home in WA, along with some epic Hawaii thrown in from last winter. If ya think about it, there hasn’t been a young Aussie throwing it around the North Shore like this since like Gary Elkerton or something. And of course, his surfing around the home breaks is just so solid.

Oh, and sick little soundtrack featuring The Line.


What Youth

Shot by Tom Jenno , Rex Minks , Eric Ippel , Myles Carrol , Tony Heff and Kailani Jabour.

Edited by Change for Balance & produced by Logan Dulien / Snapt4 .

ImageArt Records Insta: @theLINE

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