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Watch: “Motherland” A flick with Jordy Lawler

09.30.20 – TAGS: , ,

Australian Jordy Lawler has been on a tear of late. With a nice win at the CT in Manly last year, Jordy was poised to make a serious push towards QS qualification.

Whatever that even means anymore.

Obvs, things have changed, and may pro surfers found themselves looking for ways to stay pumped while remaining relevant. Well, Jordy seems to have found a way to stay busy and when the swell of a lifetime smashed into Australia’s east coast, Mr. Lawler didn’t have to go far.

Actually, two swells.

There were so many insane waves ridden during that time many went unnoticed. However, Jordy, and his filmer Joel Barker, put together this nice little edit featuring some of those very waves.

This guy is for real.

Keep an eye on him if we ever return to normal again.

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